Merete® Cannulated HCS Screw - Merete USA
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Surgical Technique E-IFU

Merete® Cannulated HCS Screw

The Merete® Cannulated HCS (Headless Compression Screws) are self-drilling/self-tapping, dual pitched screws with a threaded head which can be countersunk into the bone. The screws are available in diameters of 3.0 mm, 4.3 mm and 6.5 mm in various lengths.

Technical Specifications
  • The screws made of titanium alloy (Ti6AI4V ELI, ISO 5832-3, ASTM F136)
  • Self-drilling/self-tapping
  • Cannulated
  • 3.0 mm screws are available in 12 mm – 40 mm lengths in 2 mm increments
  • 4.3 mm screws are available in 24 mm – 48 mm lengths in 2 mm increments plus 50 mm and 55 mm lengths
  • 6.5 mm screws are available in 40 mm – 120 mm lengths in 5 mm increments
  • Fixation of fractures and reconstruction of various bones
  • Osteotomies in the foot (as Hallux Valgus) or hand
  • Arthrodesis in hand, foot or ankle surgery
  • Fixation of bone fragments in long bones or small bone fractures


Foot Surgery, Screws