Our History - Merete USA
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From the beginnings till now

Our History

25 years Merete

Merete celebrates its company anniversary: Merete GmbH has been developing medical products since 1996 – with a passion for customer-oriented solutions right from the start. As a result, the company has been a reliable partner in everyday clinical practice for 25 years, able to react agilely
and quickly to market needs.

20 years Merete

Merete represents 20 years of innovation and proven solutions – made in Germany – in the field of orthopedic medical device solutions. Working in close cooperation with surgeons and clinical management teams throughout the world, Merete prides itself on its commitment to the development of innovative solutions for the well-being of patients.

CEO Alexia Anapliotis

Alexia Anapliotis, daughter of the founder Emmanuel Anapliotis, assumes the role of CEO of Merete GmbH. Since the founding of the company, Ms. Anapliotis has actively supported and shaped the development of the organization into a global provider of innovative medical device solutions.

PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ / RigidTack™

Merete introduces PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ / RigidTack™ Implants for growth guidance in growth arrest in children and adolescents by means of temporary hemiepiphysealesis and epiphysealesis. The first patient was successfully operated on in 2014 at the University of Münster. FDA approval for both staple implants was granted in December 2015.

10 years MetaFix™

Since the market launch of the first MetaFix ™ I angle stable plate to correct hallux valgus in 2003, the MetaFix ™ Foot & Ankle product family has been continually expanded.

You can review our product portfolio in the family of Foot & Ankle surgery here.


Metafix I

Welcome to the United States of America

Establishment of Merete in the USA. Merete introduces Foot & Ankle product families and the OsteoBridge™ product systems. Since joining the US market in 2006, Merete has received over 25 FDA approvals.