MetaFix™ I - Merete USA
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OP-Video Surgical Technique E-IFU

MetaFix™ I


The proven angle-stable system for hallux valgus correction

MetaFix™ I locking plates are used in moderate and sever Hallux Valgus interventions to fuse proximal chevron, opening or closing wedge or cresecentic osteotomies as well as TMT1 and MTP1 fusion procedures.

Technical Specifications
  • Available in lengths of 26, 28, 30, 32 and 36 mm for left and right feet
  • Plates and Screws made of titanium alloy (Ti6AI4V ELI, ISO 5832-3, ASTM F136)
  • Used with 3,0 mm and 3.5 mm MetaFix ™ LS locking screws
  • K-wire holes to facilitate temporary fixation for locking screw insertion
  • Simple Surgery Technique
  • For moderate to severe deformities
  • Optimal biomechanical stability for continuous post-operative fixation under load. Preventing elevation or depression as well as shortening or elongation of the first ray
  • Improved stability and strength due to proximal crossing locking screws
  • Immediate to early weight-bearing possible (only after consultation with the doctor)

Fixation of fractures, osteotomies, non-unions of the clavicle, scapula, olecranon, radius, ulner, fibular, metacarpals, metatarsals, Hallux Valgus osteotomy corrections, middle hand and middle foot bones.


Chevron, Closing Wedge, Cresentric Osteotomy, Opening Wedge, TMT1 Fusion (Lapidus)