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About surgical techniques:
Proper surgical procedures and techniques are the responsibility of the medical professional. The guidelines contained herein are furnished for information purposes only. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of the procedures based on his or her personal medical training and experience. Prior to use of any Merete systems, the surgeon should refer to the product package insert for complete warnings, precautions, indications, contraindications and adverse effects. Package inserts are also available by contacting Merete Technologies, Inc.

About E-IFUs:
If you have any further questions about the sterilization processes after reading our instructions, contact us at 630-869-1091 or

Surgical Technique E-IFU

MetaCun™ II and DuoMetaCun™ II Plates

The MetaCun™ II and DuoMetaCun™ II plates are osteosynthesis locking plates for dorsal fixation of mid and rearfoot arthrodesis procedures. Merete’s updated system utilizes a novel long-hole compression slot mechanism that compresses the fusion site through the displacement of bone fragments underneath the plate. A DIA 3.0 mm compression screw that glides along the ramp in the distal long-hole slot during insertion causes the fusion site to compress.

Technical Specifications
  • The MetaCun™ II and DuoMetaCun™ II plates are made of titanium alloy (Ti6AI4V, DIN EN ISO 5832-3)
  • For use with DIA 3.8 mm MetaFix™ LS locking screws
  • 8 anatomically pre-formed locking plates. Each with a distal long-hole compression slot to compress bone fragments underneath
  • Simple surgical technique
  • Anatomically designed plates
  • Integrated, compression slot developed in conjunction with Merete CS screws
  • Regular temporary fixation with K-wires. Olive or step K-wires are additionally available with threaded or trocar tips
  • 2-Hole MetaCun™ II plates are available in 29 mm, 31 mm, 33 mm and 35 mm lengths
  • 4 Hole DuoMetaCun™ II plates are available in 31 mm (25 mm width), 33 mm (25 mm width), 31 mm (28 mm width) and 33 mm (28 mm width) options

Indications for use include fixation of fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusions and reconstruction of small bones of the hand, feet, wrist, ankles, fingers and toes.



Calcaneo-Cuboid Arthrodesis, Foot Surgery, Lisfranc Arthrodesis, Naviculo-Cuneiform Arthrodesis, Talo Navicular Fusion