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Intramedullary Diaphyseal Segmental Defect Fixation System


The Concept:

The OsteoBridge® IDSF is a modular diaphyseal implant for the long term stabilization of segmental bone defects and bone resections in humerus, femur and tibia of oncology patients. The modular endoprosthesis consists of two semicircular shells, which form the resection element, the spacer. The spacer is bolted onto two intramedullary nails using 8 screws. Reducing sleeves allow the combination of different nail diameters. The intramedullary nails can be interlocked distally.

Surgical Case Studies:

Humerus: Tibia:





  • For the management of segmental diaphyseal bone loss in oncology patients secondary to radical bone loss and / or resection due to tumors in Humerus, Femur and Tibia




  • Completly modular system
  • Easy and save surgery technique
  • Immediate post operative mobility and weight bearing
  • Long term stability due to biological integration
  • Hollow spacer shells can be used as carrier of antibiotics and bone graft
  • Surgeon may customize modular implant to exact bone resection
  • Cementless and cemented implantation possible



  • All components are made of Ti6Al4V


Current information and product details can be found in our brochure OsteoBridge® IDSF, which is available in our download area.

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