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Product Information


  • Moderate to severe Hallux valgus
  • Hypermobility in the first tarsometatarsal joint
  • Osteoarthritis of the first tarsometatarsal joint
  • Elevatus deformity of the Metatarsale-I
  • Troubleshooting after failed osteotomy of the shaft


  • Stabilization of the Lapidus Arthrodesis with a plantar plate and a dorsal compression screw
  • Low-profile, anatomically formed plate in two sizes, left and right
  • Proven MetaFix™ basic instrument set with LS DIA 3.0 mm and DIA 3.5 mm screws is complemented with Merete® Cannulated PCS dorsal compression screws
  • All implants are made from titanium alloy Ti6Al4V ELI

Additional Features

  • Proximal medial flap of the plate allows optimal primary fixation of the plate with a unidirectional locking screw, thereby facilitating the introduction of further screws
  • Biomechanically optimal positioning of the plate allows early weight bearing and rapid mobilization due to plantar tension band
  • Plate covered with soft tissue, e.g. abductor hallucis
  • Correction of medium and large intermetatarsal angles, even after failed corrections in the shaft area
  • High primary stability eliminates loss of correction due to angle stability
  • Special bending zones allow the plate to be adjusted without damaging the threaded holes
  • K-wire holes in the plate for temporary fixation

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