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 Product Information:

The Metafix™ PlantarMax™ plate is designed as the first plantar/medial Lapidus fixation plate which takes advantage of the biomechanically superior fixation on the tension side of the MTC (Metatarsal/Cuneiform) joint during a Lapidus Hallux Valgus correction procedure. A medial incision allows adequate exposure of the MTC joint for both joint preparation and plate fixation. As cited in literature, fixation on the tension side of the joint is superior to dorsal or medial fixation and offers additional compression as the patient proceeds to weight bearing.

The MetaFix™ PlantarMax™ Lapidus Plate is designed with 2 plantar locking screws, an interfragmentary screw hole and 2 medial locking (or non locking) screws for additional fixation. There are specially designed bending locations in the plate to allow the plate to be contoured by the surgeon to accommodate varying patient anatomy. With the Metafix™ PlantarMax plate you achieve compression and rigid, stable fixation, facilitating early weight bearing.




  • 2 plantar locking screws and 2 medial locking screws for additional fixation
  • Specially designed bending locations to adapt plate to varying patient anatomy
  • Low Profile, only 2.0mm
  • May use either 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm locking screws



  • Lapidus Hallux Valgus correction



  • Plates and screws are made from Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI)


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Current information and product details can be found in our download area or on our MetaFix™ PlantarMAX™ Microsite.

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