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The new Merete Ludloff plate allows the surgeon to obtain RIGID LOW PROFILE fixation for Hallux Valgus correction using the familiar Ludloff osteotomy technique. Previous fixation with only two screws was inadequate and required non-weight bearing post op care. With the Merete Ludloff Plate you achieve rigid stable fixation.

The Merete Ludloff plate is a patented designed plate with locking and non-locking holes. The straight section of the plate is placed dorsally on the metatarsal where the plate is fixed to the bone with two 3.0 mm non-locking cannulated screws. First screw located through the plate at the apex/rotation point of ludloff cut and second non locking screw is placed distal after cut completion and lateral rotation for correction. The screws can be angled up to 15° in the plate in order run perpendicular to the osteotomy cut, compressing the osteotomy. Two locking screws 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm are inserted from the medial side to gain angle stable locking fixation of the osteotomy and to allow early weight bearing.



  • Anatomic Low Profile Design right and left in three lengths, 31.0 mm, 34.0 mm, 38.0 mm
  • Can be combined with MetaFix® LS locking screws in Ø 3.0 mm and Ø 3.5 mm and cannulated PCS screws Ø 3.0 mm
  • Simple surgical technique
  • One proximal k-wire hole allows temporary fixation of the plate to the bone



  • Ludloff Osteotomy
  • Crescentic Osteotomy



  • Plates and screws are made of Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V, ASTM F-136, ISO 5832-3)


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