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Start News Review AAOS Annual Meeting 2016

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Merete Technologies, Inc. wishes to thank all of the AAOS attendees for stopping by its booth at the AAOS annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. 

This year, merete® showcased the PediatrOS™ line of flexible, anatomically formed staples for gentle growth corrections in children’s legs. The FlexTack™ inhibits bone growth on one side of the physics to correct valgus and varus deformities. The RigidTack™ corrects leg length discrepancies by constraining the growth plate of the longer leg until the contra-lateral length is adjusted.

Furthermore, it was presented the merete® foot and ankle solutions plus the OsteoBridge Intramedullary Knee Arthrodesis (IKA) Rod Fixation System and the Intramedullary Diaphyseal Segmental Defect Fixation (IDSF) System. The FDA-cleared IDSF system is allowing surgeons to save the limbs — and arguably lives — of seriously ill cancer patients.

We look forward to next year’s meeting in San Diego, California.