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Start News Bioactive Epical Implant Surface receives CE-approval

EPICAL_SchaefteMerete Medical GmbH (Germany) received CE-approval for EPICAL™ implant surface treatment on its cementless titanium endoprostheses.

EPICAL™ is an innovative and patented procedure creating a bioactive calcium-rich surface out of the titanium’s own substance without applying any coating. The procedure is based on the chemical transformation of naturally existing Titandioxide-Passivation-Layer (TiO2) on the titanium implant into Calcium titanate (CaTiO3). The bioactive EPICAL™ was developed in cooperation with BAM (Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany).

In 2009 Merete Medical received an award for EPICAL™ from the “Germany - Land of Ideas“ initiative.